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Huge crowd of academics (illustration)

Yours, mine or ours?

As the trend for mass-authored papers in science spreads to other fields, PhD students’ work is still going unacknowledged

Interest in borrowings is not mere linguistics

With individuals and institutions alike calculating potential costs of Brexit, recouping loans from EU students can’t be ignored

Pound symbol balloons (fee rise) illustration

Fair prices and market limits

Loans could push up the price of master’s courses, but with such degrees becoming sine qua nons, should fees be restrained?

Suited businessman examining paperwork with magnifying glass

Valuing research rectitude

Peer review may not spot fraud – so universities need to be vigilant in tackling any wrongdoing among their staff

Interconnected world/global roaming

Roaming between networks

From Africa to the UK, countries must find ways to capitalise on the global ebb and flow of today’s mobile scholars

John Gill, editor, Times Higher Education

Building the perfect beast

As the sector debates the design of a teaching-ometer, campuses wait to discover the strength of the TEF’s power over fee levels

John Gill, editor, Times Higher Education

Brexit, pursued by a scare

Leaving the EU would be a disaster for UK universities, but pro-Europe campaigners have to choose their message carefully

John Gill, editor, Times Higher Education

Taking appropriate measures

Metrics have become prevalent – and problematic – throughout universities, but they can be effective tools if used correctly

Paul Jump, Times Higher Education

From lab gigs to headliners

It’s a long way to the top if you want to make it as a PI, but there are many positives on the path to that big break

John Gill, editor, Times Higher Education

Time can play tricks on minds

Some practices thought to be long established are anything but, while others considered novel have lengthy histories

John Gill, editor, Times Higher Education

Losing our place in the vanguard?

Senior figures worry that the UK is lagging behind the innovators and entrepreneurs pushing the frontiers of higher education

John Gill, editor, Times Higher Education

Count sheep, not metrics

Given the run of campus, some academics would target what they see as cult practices that raise stress and cut productivity

John Gill, editor, Times Higher Education

Coming to a campus near you

From senior appointments to student surveys, pedagogy is again centre stage – and waiting in the wings is a teaching REF

Simon Baker, news editor, Times Higher Education

The fad for extensions is cooling

The move away from overseas branches attests to the fact that such operations are hard to get right and offer no quick returns

What’s casually cast aside?

Insecure employment takes a toll on individuals, but its effects may also cut to the very core of universities and their missions

The storm in the aftermath

How will universities fare during the Tories’ defining second term – during which ‘Cameronism’ may, at last, fully reveal itself?

Which way will we go?

Change happens only when people genuinely participate – but is the enthusiasm there for a structural shift in education?

Red ahead; staying in the black

Whatever the outcome of the election, strong financial leadership will be key both to the country and our universities

Party lines and party lapses

What would politicians do for higher education in the next government? To find out, our panel gave them a grilling

A change for the better

Research reveals that sabbaticals boost productivity – but be sure not to take work phone calls or check the email

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Six academics share their experiences before delivering a verdict on the system

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