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The pleasure and pain of a good pair of shoes

Heels are instruments both of torture and feminism, says Sally Feldman

Fairy tales and all that filth

Is updating children’s literature censorship or sensible? asks Sally Feldman

The art of wedding photography

Practitioners of the genre are undervalued in the selfie era, argues Sally Feldman

Genius is so last season

Deifying young fashion designers does them no favours and slights the many who make their work possible, says Sally Feldman

The BBC: news at sixes and sevens

Fictional journalists show more principle than their BBC counterparts, says Sally Feldman

Beyond political prejudice

A surprising graduation talk on climate change causes Sally Feldman to question her biases

Why not dungarees?

Sally Feldman on the fashion choices available to female scholars

Lifts: social spaces worthy of academic study

A new history of the elevator prompts Sally Feldman to consider life’s ups and downs

The fightback against sexism on campus

Sally Feldman on efforts to counter negative attitudes towards women on and offline

Happily ever after?

Which fairy tale is the greatest of them all? Sally Feldman on enduring themes

Meetings: counting the minutes

Hate meetings? You need them more than you think, says Sally Feldman

Fashion has been stitched up

Its study is not frivolous, and it deserves academic recognition, says Sally Feldman

The lecture: more than the sum of its parts

Sally Feldman dissects the benefits of an old-fashioned but pedagogically rich practice

Religion and democracy: never the twain

Sally Feldman on UUK’s attempts to reconcile incompatible truth claims

Austen’s powers revisited

Sally Feldman welcomes a modern reimagining of the incomparable Jane

Freshers’ Week: a rite of passage

Sally Feldman on students’ transition from adolescence to adulthood

The Act of Killing: art, documentary or research with impact?

Joshua Oppenheimer’s film about the perpetrators of Indonesian genocide has impact in spades, says Sally Feldman

Working time directive: less is more

Limiting hours would lift the burden on women, says Sally Feldman

No laughing matter

Where have all the student satirists gone? wonders Sally Feldman

Combined forces

Academic input would boost a neglected war museum, says Sally Feldman

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