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University and College Union (UCU) flag hanging on statue

Strikes loom as UCU urges rebuff

Union advocates rejection of pay offer and Prevent strategy implementation

Man reaching out to prune tree

Overseas branch campuses become ‘low priority’ in internationalisation strategies

European universities refocus on student mobility and strategic partnerships, says European Association for International Education

Group of hands with thumbs-up

Rising interest shown in grade point average degree classification trial

GPA Advisory Group propose five-year pilot to test GPA alongside traditional honours system

Gargoyle at St Mary's Church, Oxford

Oxford ‘needs cultural shift’ to support BME students, study says

Black and minority ethnic undergraduates report experiencing racial slurs and isolation

Players sitting on bench at football game

Too many PhDs, not enough tenured positions

European study reveals stress suffered by doctoral holders over insecurity of academic careers

Seated woman using huge telephone

The tip-top club: home to 173 men and just 28 women

Of top 200 institutions in the world, only one in seven has a female leader, research shows

Penny game in amusement arcade

Two-tier pay system emerges at the LSE

Support staff to remain on single salary spine with a bespoke model set up to allow institution to compete for top early career researchers

Man with tape covering mouth

‘Atmosphere of intimidation’ at NUS conference

Delegates complain of ‘lack of tolerance’ and ‘time wasting’ in open letter to National Union of Students

Trainee teachers studying in classroom

Schools-led teacher training ‘risks supply crisis’

University leaders warn government that limiting training options could result in teacher shortages

Young man looking at airport departures board

Number of Britons studying abroad rises 40 per cent

Higher Education Statistics Agency data show increased mobility for study, work or volunteering

Man competing in Annual Birdman of Worthing competition, 2009

For PhD students, £25K ‘doesn’t even scratch the surface’

Mick Fuller discusses the changes he’s seen to postgraduate funding as UKCGE chair

Student walking by Bangor University crest shield logo

Hefcw spares research at cost of part-time and postgrad study

Welsh research budget protected but sector head seeks policy changes

Person pushing overloaded shopping trolley

Scientists: ignore the rules on writing to get citations

A study suggests that short and clear abstracts are associated with lower than expected citations


David Parkins illustration (28 May 2015) Laurie Taylor on academics v administrators

Is there a way for the two tribes to rub along? An academic and an administrator consider the rules of engagement

Man's eyes staring through shadows The decline of the Greek empire: US fraternities

The male student societies are under pressure like never before. Is it time to shut them down – or can they mend their ways?

PhD: is the doctoral thesis obsolete?

Should the foundations of a 21st-century academic career still be built on the traditional model?

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THE podcast: 28 May - 3 June 2015 issue review

THE podcast: 28 May - 3 June 2015 issue review

This week's issue discussed by the Times Higher Education team

In Numbers

The Guardian reveals its top UK universities 2016

Coventry and Sussex make strides

Election 2015

Sector stands by for battles over cuts, fees and Europe

Universities’ lobbying of the new Conservative government will focus on funding and continuing EU membership



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Map of Europe with flag pins on countries Historians weigh in on Britain’s relationship with Europe

Not everyone is a fan of a campaign to highlight ‘the historical myths that surround the EU'

From Where I Sit illustration (28 May 2015) Broncos, pirates, professors: all powerless before corporate march

Restructures and rebrandings of public universities are taking a toll on mascots and more, says Robert Lee Maril

Shahidha Bari columnist illustration The silent majority in higher education

Academics have a duty to explain why they hold their political beliefs, says Shahidha Bari

David Humphries illustration (28 May 2015) PhD loans: the wrong carrot?

Paul Wakeling and Adél Pásztor consider the alternatives

James Fryer illustration (28 May 2015) The peer review drugs don’t work

A process at the heart of science is based on faith rather than evidence, says Richard Smith, and vested interests keep it in place

Simon Baker, news editor, Times Higher Education The fad for extensions is cooling

The move away from overseas branches attests to the fact that such operations are hard to get right and offer no quick returns

Fruit hanging from branches Fruit from the branch campuses

Transnational education helps people who want a high-quality university education to get it, argues Rebecca Hughes

THE podcast: 28 May - 3 June 2015 issue review THE podcast: 28 May - 3 June 2015 issue review

This week's issue discussed by the Times Higher Education team


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What are you reading?

A weekly look over the shoulders of our scholar-reviewers

Book review: Siena: City of Secrets, by Jane Tylus

Discover the Tuscan metropolis in a study suffused with all the vitality of the Palio, says Philip Cooke

Book review: Stalin: New Biography of a Dictator, by Oleg V. Khlevniuk

Robert Gellately extols a life history of the Soviet strongman

Book review: Hubris: Why Economists Failed to Predict the Crisis and How to Avoid the Next One, by Meghnad Desai

The idea of equilibrium is a dangerous delusion, finds Stewart Lansley

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‘A year of IS rule has set Iraq back 10 years’

Chilling testimonies collected by the Council for At-Risk Academics reveal the devastating impact of the arrival of Islamic State

Why McMaster University gave its female academics a pay rise

When his university found evidence of a £2,000 gender pay gap, it knew what was the right thing to do - and it did it, says David Wilkinson

Momentum builds on fossil fuel divestment

‘Domino theory’ points to UK academy’s future financial environment

REF 2014

REF tactics: can you win by fielding the whole team?

Universities, and especially the research elite, faced a choice between aiming for highest quality scores and the greatest number of staff submitted

N8 remains optimistic despite REF slide

The director of a partnership of research-intensive universities is upbeat about future outlook

Overseas academics ‘should have REF input’

LSE pro-director also calls for metrics to measure impact


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100 Under 50 Rankings 2015 results

Ranking of universities under 50 years old shows a dip in UK’s strength in depth and Swiss on a roll

THE World Reputation Rankings 2015: reaction

The world of higher education responds to our latest rankings

World Reputation Rankings 2015 results

‘Super-league’ can’t be shaken from the top

BRICS & Emerging Economies Rankings 2015 results

Russia and Turkey also making strides in the second annual rankings table for emerging economies

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