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THE Film

Variety Acts and Turns of the Early 1930s Subscription

3 April 2014

Music hall constantly adapted to survive, yet the cultural form is often dismissed. Fern Riddell considers our collective memory

Review: Only Lovers Left Alive Subscription

20 February 2014

The vampire as cultured aesthete is the beatless heart of Jim Jarmusch’s peculiarly reassuring film, says Lucy Bolton

The ‘unpleasurable’ complexity of Lars von Trier Subscription

13 February 2014

Will the Danish director’s controversial new film Nymphomaniac live up to his masterpieces? Davina Quinlivan hopes so

Review: Dallas Buyers Club Subscription

6 February 2014

The tale of an unsaintly Aids sufferer’s rebellion sidesteps sentimentality and hints at hope, says Duncan Wu

Review: 12 Years a Slave Subscription

9 January 2014

Catherine Clinton reflects on history’s intolerable cruelties

Review: Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s Subscription

5 December 2013

A hagiographic look at a US designer store is all style, no substance, Pamela Church Gibson argues

Review: The Counsellor Subscription

14 November 2013

Our complicity as onlookers sharpens Cormac McCarthy’s bleak morality tale, Duncan Wu finds

Gothic: The Dark Heart of Film Subscription

31 October 2013

Davina Quinlivan considers the monster as a figure of loss and sadness as the BFI begins a season of ghoulish thrills

Review: The Selfish Giant Subscription

24 October 2013

Clio Barnard’s loose adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s short story sees children condemned to life on the scrapheap

Elysium, directed by Neill Blomkamp Subscription

22 August 2013

Will Brooker on a science fiction blockbuster that, despite the clichés, has much to say about inequality and oppression

What Maisie Knew, directed by Scott McGehee and David Siegel Subscription

15 August 2013

Rachel Bowlby on a modern retelling of Henry James’ tale of childhood curiosity and parental shortcomings

Foxfire’s sisters in arms Subscription

8 August 2013

Laurent Cantet’s gritty group portrait of a 1950s girl gang of teenage avengers

Monsters University: college will cost you Subscription

11 July 2013

Despite Disney Pixar’s best efforts, campus jokes just aren’t funny any more, argues Martin McQuillan

Such stuff as Chinese dreams are made on Subscription

27 June 2013

Austin Williams on contrasting film treatments of a nascent superpower’s hopes and dreams

Hollywood madness Subscription

13 June 2013

Davina Quinlivan detects a shift to more rounded representations of mental illness on screen

Liberace: an affair to remember Subscription

6 June 2013

The high camp of Behind the Candelabra conceals an old-fashioned love story, Duncan Wu writes

Great Gatsby-mania Subscription

23 May 2013

Catherine Clinton examines the novel’s enduring appeal as Baz Luhrmann’s version of The Great Gatsby bursts on to cinema screens

So excited about Pedro Almódovar’s new film Subscription

2 May 2013

The director returns to his roots in the screwball sex comedy I’m So Excited. By Lucy Bolton

Review: A Late Quartet Subscription

4 April 2013

Duncan Wu savours the cadence and nuance that a superb cast bring to this portrayal of the relationship between art and life

Kinoteka: Pole positions, projected globally Subscription

7 March 2013

Migration and the lessons of history inform a cinema with universal appeal, Ewa Mazierska argues

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