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Ideology: the enemy of a sane funding system

We must return to first principles to develop a fair method of paying for higher education, argues Bahram Bekhradnia

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Surge in popularity of two-in-one degree courses Subscription


Student loans access for a master’s qualification thought to be principal cause

Home Office tightens rules on student visa refusals Subscription

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Expert warns that new threshold could mean ‘sudden death’ threat for smaller universities

Vice-chancellors fear £2bn funding gap as Labour hones tuition fees policy Subscription


University leaders voice concerns about impact of party’s mooted plan to lower fees to £6,000

£500m has ‘superficial’ impact on improving university teaching Subscription


‘Shiny’ projects and disjointed policies criticised in report on Hefce spending

Some turn away from Turnitin over price and reliability Subscription


Universities explore alternatives to plagiarism detection software as fees and performance criticised

Whistleblowers report malpractice and fraud in sector Subscription


Hefce reveals information from 21 complaints concerning institutions

Dropout rate tumbles, but not among IT crowd Subscription


Hefce figures show overall attrition rate down to 6.6 per cent but computer science struggles to improve retention

The 1 per cent at the centre of research Subscription


An influential core of scientists are citation superstars

Scatological art difficult to pass Subscription


Student claims University of the Arts London failed her work because it was not ‘clean, saleable art’

University of Cambridge plans formal teaching-only posts Subscription


Academic says the move is a ‘huge change’ for the institution

Spain scraps university entrance exam for foreign students Subscription


Selectividad test removed in effort to drive up traditionally low number of entrants from abroad

Get your ideas in tip-top shape with Dr Inventor Subscription


A new social network for academics aims to offer advice on how to sharpen research proposals as well as suggesting novel paths to explore

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Life after whistleblowing

Academics who have made disclosures reflect on the long-term impact on their careers

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THE podcast: 31 July - 6 August 2014 issue review

University whistleblowers, combined bachelor’s and master’s degrees, jihadist poetry and this week’s books section are discussed in the latest Times Higher Education issue review

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The universities that educate the world’s most powerful women


Analysis by Times Higher Education reveals the institutions that produce the most successful women on the planet

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Q&A with Carolyn Roberts Subscription


We speak to the Frank Jackson Foundation professor of the environment, Gresham College

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Your doctorate’s been doctored Subscription


In a shock move, the governors of our university have revoked the honorary doctorate that was bestowed upon the minister for science and universities, David Willetts, shortly after his accession to the post in May 2010

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Crisis Without End? The Unravelling of Western Prosperity, by Andrew Gamble Subscription

Vera Troeger on a persuasive, if gloomy, look at the dangerous paradoxes at the heart of neoliberalism

Belief without Borders: Inside the Minds of the Spiritual but not Religious, by Linda A. Mercadante Subscription

Kristin Aune discovers the wide-ranging views and behaviour of ‘nones’ - the religiously unaffiliated

Snakes, Sunrises, and Shakespeare: How Evolution Shapes our Loves and Fears, by Gordon H. Orians Subscription

Tiffany Taylor on the emotional and aesthetic responses we share with our hominid ancestors

Reason in a Dark Time: Why the Struggle Against Climate Change Failed – and What it Means for our Future, by Dale Jamieson Subscription

Steven Yearley on the economic and ethical reasons for why attempts to prevent climate change have failed

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Union clash looms as employers’ pension plans revealed

Employers propose scrapping final salary scheme to cut USS deficit

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