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UCU postpones marking boycott after new pay offer

The University and College Union has agreed to postpone its planned boycott of marking after employers made a 2 per cent pay offer for next year.

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Times Higher Education 100 Under 50 rankings 2014 coming soon

HEA future unclear as councils cut off the cash Subscription


Redundancy talks start as body prepares for loss of grant support by 2017

Recruitment trends favour the selective Subscription


Universities with high tariffs gain most under new fees regime, Hefce finds

Budgeting rules adjusted to manage costs of student loans Subscription


Change in guidance meant to ‘incentivise’ BIS to check long-term costs

Hefce looks at overseas links for research excellence Subscription


Willetts sees potential in tie-ups with Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong

Graduates will be paying well into their fifties Subscription


Under new system, average repayments will double, IFS finds

Germany rethinks after rush to adopt Bologna reforms Subscription


Problems with the introduction of EU harmonised three-year degrees have led to a reassessment

ID from medical data could spark ‘crisis’ Subscription


Researchers face ‘ethics’ scandal over security of records, warns computer scientist

Willetts’ eight are not great but ‘nonsense’ Subscription


Research areas championed by government dismissed as poor investments by technology expert

Warwick exposé helped bring it success Subscription


Students’ revelation of university’s clandestine activities worked in its favour long-term

Schools must work with universities to ensure optimal teacher training Subscription


School Direct needs collaborations, not a ‘them and us’ attitude, forum hears

Glyndwr students report teaching gripes and more visa threats Subscription


International students complain of ‘inadequate’ teaching while hearing their visa sponsorship could again be in jeopardy

Revolutionary road to higher standards in Ukraine Subscription


Nation’s universities to face QAA-style scrutiny under new regime

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THE podcast: 10 April 2014 issue review

The future of the Higher Education Academy, using medical records in university research, and more are up for discussion in this week’s issue review podcast

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