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Mike Redmayne, 1967-2015

Mike Redmayne, 1967-2015

A leading legal scholar notable for his “taste for the absurd” as well as his erudition has died

Glyn Davis, University of Melbourne

Q&A with Glyn Davis

We speak to the vice-chancellor of the University of Melbourne, the host of the THE World Academic Summit

Alun Evans, director of the UK government's Scotland Office

Q&A with Alun Evans

We speak to the British Academy’s chief executive elect

Sir Gordon Hobday, 1916-2015

Sir Gordon Hobday, 1916-2015

A leading scientist and industrialist who served as the fourth chancellor of the University of Nottingham has died

Judith Layzer, 1961-2015

Judith Layzer, 1961-2015

A leading expert in how scientific research can best be used to promote environmental causes has died

Daniella Tilbury, University of Gloucestershire

Q&A with Daniella Tilbury

The well-travelled scholar boldly goes where no Gibraltarian has gone before

Richard Buckley, University of Leicester Archaeological Services

Q&A with Richard Buckley

We speak to the man who led the discovery of Richard III’s final resting place

Man diving into water

Consider impact before you dive right in

Research can have unpredictable results, but some advance planning will make proving its value much easier

Peter Cochran, 1944-2015

Peter Cochran, 1944-2015

An independent scholar who became one of the world’s leading authorities on Lord Byron has died

Jay Appleton, 1919-2015

Jay Appleton, 1919-2015

A British geographer who played a major role in opening up his discipline to more aesthetically and culturally focused approaches has died

Frances Corner, London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London

Q&A with Frances Corner

We speak to the head of the London College of Fashion and pro vice-chancellor, University of the Arts London

Elizabeth Fenn, University of Colorado Boulder

Q&A with Elizabeth Fenn

We speak to the winner of the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for History

Anthony Yu, 1938-2015

Anthony Yu, 1938-2015

A leading scholar of religion and literature best known for his translation of the Chinese epic The Journey to the West has died

Nick Constantinou, 1960-2015

A talented physicist who moved into finance and then returned to academia to create major programmes at Essex Business School has died

Q&A with David Maguire

We speak to the Greenwich v-c and newly appointed head of Jisc

John Staniforth, 1953-2015

A leading figure in the pharmaceutical sciences has died

Q&A with Tracey Reynolds

We speak to the new professor of social sciences at the University of Greenwich

Q&A with Noel Fitzpatrick

We speak to the star of Channel 4’s The Supervet and clinical chair and chief surgeon at Fitzpatrick Referrals

Robert Pritchard, 1930-2015

An eminent geneticist who ran the department where DNA fingerprinting was discovered has died

Neil Armstrong, 1974-2015

A leading social and cultural historian of 19th- and 20th-century Britain has died