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Interview: Sir David Greenaway, Russell Group, University of Nottingham

Q&A with David Greenaway

The new Russell Group chair on the looming spending review, criticism of elite universities and their leaders, and cycling from one end of the country to the other

Obituary: Sir Bob Hepple, 1934-2015

Sir Bob Hepple, 1934-2015

A leading campaigner for justice in South Africa who went on to become master of a Cambridge college has died.

Rick Rylance, School of Advanced Study, University of London

Q&A with Rick Rylance

We talk to the AHRC chief executive as he prepares to move to the School of Advanced Study

Obituary: Terry Culhane, 1934-2015

Terry Culhane, 1934-2015

A linguist who helped radically transform the BBC Russian-language courses has died

Lady Frances Sorrell, University of Westminster

Q&A with Lady Frances Sorrell

We talk to the new chancellor of the University of Westminster

Obituary: Chris Marshall, 1949-2015

Chris Marshall, 1949-2015

A researcher who made a major contribution to our understanding of cancer – and paved the way for several new classes of drug – has died

Patricia Crone

Patricia Crone, 1945-2015

A scholar who transformed our understanding of early Islam has died

Hugh Hunt, University of Cambridge

Q&A with Hugh Hunt

We talk to the University of Cambridge academic who brings engineering to life

Obituary: Masahiko Aoki, 1938-2015

Masahiko Aoki, 1938-2015

A scholar who pioneered the study of the economies of Japan and East Asia – and comparative organisational structures across the world – has died.

Margaret Hodge, Labour MP for Barking

Q&A with Margaret Hodge

We talk to the Labour MP for Barking and former chair of the Public Accounts Committee

Ruby Wax interview, University of Surrey

Q&A with Ruby Wax

We talk to the newly appointed visiting professor at the University of Surrey

Obituary: Owen Chadwick, 1916-2015

Owen Chadwick, 1916-2015

The longest-serving master of Selwyn College, Cambridge and a distinguished historian and theologian has died

Aare Afe Babalola= interview, Afe Babalola University

Q&A with Aare Afe Babalola

We talk to the lawyer, academic, former pro-chancellor and founder of a private university in Nigeria

Obituary: Ernest Kuh, 1928-2015

Ernest Kuh, 1928-2015

A leading expert on electronic circuit theory who spent his whole career at Berkeley has died

Rosemary Stewart, 1924-2015

Rosemary Stewart, 1924-2015

A major authority on management and leadership, particularly within the National Health Service, has died

Diana Huffaker, Cardiff University

Q&A with Diana Huffaker

We talk to the latest Sêr Cymru research chair

Howard Covington, Alan Turing Institute

Q&A with Howard Covington

We speak to the chair of the Alan Turing Institute

Obituary: Carol Clark, 1940-2015

Carol Clark, 1940-2015

A scholar and translator who broke through glass ceilings at Oxford has died

Mike Redmayne, 1967-2015

Mike Redmayne, 1967-2015

A leading legal scholar notable for his “taste for the absurd” as well as his erudition has died

Glyn Davis, University of Melbourne

Q&A with Glyn Davis

We speak to the vice-chancellor of the University of Melbourne, the host of the THE World Academic Summit