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Feature illustration (9 July 2015)

Medieval dread: student deviance and devilry

Even centuries ago, student misconduct and violence vexed townspeople and authorities. The behaviour, says one scholar, highlights negative stereotypes and socio-political tensions

Man competing in Annual Birdman of Worthing competition, 2009

For PhD students, £25K ‘doesn’t even scratch the surface’

Mick Fuller discusses the changes he’s seen to postgraduate funding as UKCGE chair

Why bombs cannot strip Gaza of intellectual life

Writer and scholar Atef Abu Saif tells John Elmes how life goes on despite death from above

Ed Byrne: 'new address is a defining moment for King's College London'

The university’s principal on capturing a landmark building, a rebranding volte-face, and the capital’s ‘fizz’

Interview: Terry Eagleton

The literary theorist talks about his 50-year career, the importance of low-minded virtues and the double act of Christianity and communism

Researcher volunteers for moral duty on Ebola’s front line

Shunmay Yeung of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine describes her part in fighting the viral outbreak in Sierra Leone

Interview: Mark Turrell

From election monitoring to military tips, Matthew Reisz meets the man who uses systems thinking as a force for good

Dissemination of dissent: lessons from Iran’s revolution

Iran shaped the career of Annabelle Sreberny, professor of global media and communications at Soas, but doing research there remains difficult

The HEA is as relevant as ever, new leader says

Despite scaling back, the organisation has much to offer universities seeking to improve the student experience, says Don Nutbeam

THE interview: Greg Clark

New universities minister delighted at rising student numbers and prepares to tackle postgraduate funding

Dame Ann Dowling makes a case for ‘use-inspired’ research

First female president of the Royal Academy of Engineers hopes to change UK’s ‘sniffiness’ about applied research

Celebrity masterminds: Laurie Taylor and Sally Feldman on fame

Sociologist’s and media scholar’s work on TV interview series furnished raw material for a study of the limelight and those in it

The Leicester legacy that Bob Burgess built

Departing vice-chancellor’s 15 years on the job helped to cement a Midlands university’s reputation

Blackwell’s skunkworks fights digital interlopers

The bookseller is taking on upstart competitors at their own game, says its digital director

Bart Moore-Gilbert: the truth about my father

A postcolonial scholar began a troubling quest after learning about his father’s role in counterinsurgency in India

No regrets, says outgoing EPSRC chief David Delpy

‘Thick skin’ helped research council boss take the flak for controversial shaping capability measures

Mary Midgley: more than a sum of parts

Exasperated by a profusion of loose thinking, the philosopher tackles the assertion that the self is only a manifestation of the physical body

'Self-censorship' in discussion of multiculturalism, says London's deputy mayor

Munira Mirza lauds universities’ role in improving all levels of education in the capital but decries ‘coercive consensus’

John Carey: the constant reader

Despite the snobbery of Oxford, a young literary scholar found the liberty to know and speak his mind

PeerJ's $99 open access model one year on

Will a low-cost, user-friendly open access journal steal the traditional publishers’ lunch?

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Kevin Haggerty and Aaron Doyle offer tips on making postgraduate study even tougher (which students could also use to avoid pitfalls if they prefer)

  • Lead feature montage (20 August 2015)

Ellie Bothwell introduces our four ‘innovation indicators’ and reveals the strongest performers as we visualise a new ranking based on university-industry collaboration

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China continues to advance, but Japan dips in Shanghai Jiao Tong ranking based on research strength

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Six academics share their experiences before delivering a verdict on the system

There are some important dos and don’ts to bear in mind when choosing someone to oversee your doctoral thesis, advises Tara Brabazon