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Young man looking at airport departures board

Number of Britons studying abroad rises 40 per cent

Higher Education Statistics Agency data show increased mobility for study, work or volunteering

Fruit hanging from branches

Fruit from the branch campuses

Transnational education helps people who want a high-quality university education to get it, argues Rebecca Hughes

Welsh universities push for students at Nafsa

Welsh universities have created a new initiative to attract more international students.

UK risks closing door on overseas student growth, warns IIE head

The UK government must be clearer in articulating its immigration policy or risk facing a decline in the number of overseas students.

Study reveals misery of overseas scholars ‘living the dream’

Many of the Italian researchers interviewed said they were unhappy working abroad

UCL could link promotion and internationalisation activities

University considers rewarding staff who help with global goals as it moves from a branch campus model towards a network of partnerships

Lebanese academy aims to close gulf with ‘culture of innovation’

Institutions seek new ways to halt exodus of country’s scholars

Overseas students in London add £2.3 billion to UK economy

International students in London contribute a net benefit of £2.3 billion to the UK economy every year, a study says

Aberdeen first UK university to open campus in South Korea

The University of Aberdeen is set to become the first UK higher education institution to open a campus in South Korea

‘Flying faculty’ often feel down about the life peripatetic

A new report highlights the downsides of life for the travelling lecturer

Consider agents as a force for good, paper says

Rethinking relationships with international recruiters could help universities to assuage academics’ fears, researchers suggest

European universities ‘hobbled’ by language laws

Rector at Maastricht University fears that curbs on using English are preventing some institutions from innovating and internationalising

Medellín’s makeover benefits Colombian university

The ebbing of violence and the city’s transformation allow Antioquia to expand its horizons, writes Donna Bowater in Colombia

Cultural norms may be no-go areas for foreign academics

University staff urged to help visiting scholars adjust to life in the UK

US 'sleeping giant' stirs in the global recruitment market

The Education-USA initiative to attract overseas students is a wake-up call for the UK, argues Chris Cobb

Forging global citizens is electrifying, says head of NYU Abu Dhabi

Vice-chancellor talks to Chris Havergal about breaking free from Western constraints

NYU Abu Dhabi workers entitled to better, report finds

Thousands of workers who built New York University’s campus in Abu Dhabi were excluded from the institution’s enhanced labour standards, an independent report says.

Manchester Met spent £1.2m on ‘Vilnius memo’ libel case

FoI request reveals UK institution’s legal costs in action that Vilnius University settled for £112,500

Agents line up bulk of international signings at dozens of universities

THE FoI requests reveal use of recruiters by UK institutions to be highest among post-92s