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Bahrain skyline

Bahrain’s universities to be inspected by British Accreditation Council

Agency to design and conduct nationwide inspection regime

Syrian archaeologist ‘beheaded in cold blood’

Islamic State targets octogenarian scholar, according to reports

germany higher education university refugees xenophobia syria racism

Refugees gain considerable support from German universities, study suggests

More than 60 universities in Germany provide help for the country’s growing number of refugees, study says

Dubai skyline

Dubai university administrators accused of faking English language test scores

Pair of employees at the American University in Dubai deny criminal charges

Visitors touch REEM-B robot, Pal Technology Robotics, Abu Dhabi, 2008

Why has scientific progress stalled in many Islamic countries?

‘Critical Muslims’ square up to the challenges facing higher education and research

Armed Iraqi fighters standing on smoke-covered road

Scholarship on the front line: life in Iraq and interviewing IS

Academic Victoria Fontan has borne witness to Iraq’s unfolding tragedy. She discusses encounters with Islamic State and US troops and her fears for the country’s future

Palestinian students, Jenin, West Bank, 2006

From fair Verona to the wall beyond Ramallah

Teaching Shakespeare in Palestine was intense, disturbing and unforgettable, a University of Bristol lecturer says

Universities UK confirms opposition to Israel boycott

Universities have confirmed their opposition to any academic boycott of Israel following votes by student and lecturer groups in favour of sanctions.

Lebanese academy aims to close gulf with ‘culture of innovation’

Institutions seek new ways to halt exodus of country’s scholars

‘A year of IS rule has set Iraq back 10 years’

Chilling testimonies collected by the Council for At-Risk Academics reveal the devastating impact of the arrival of Islamic State

Forging global citizens is electrifying, says head of NYU Abu Dhabi

Vice-chancellor talks to Chris Havergal about breaking free from Western constraints

Why bombs cannot strip Gaza of intellectual life

Writer and scholar Atef Abu Saif tells John Elmes how life goes on despite death from above

Arab émigrés ‘have a duty’ to help their home nations make strides

Head of Association of Arab Universities also urges the West not to ignore the plight of Syrian academics and students

Head of KAUST rejects calls to condemn restrictions on freedom of speech in Saudi

Jean-Lou Chameau says universities must reflect the societies within which they exist

Attitudes hold back region, inaugural MENA Universities Summit hears

At THE summit in Qatar, Gulf states hear that culture of entitlement must go

Israeli business school exports secrets of a ‘start-up nation’

Lahav Executive Education offers international entrepreneurs insights into Israeli success and tactics for tackling Silicon Valley

Egypt tailors reforms on UK model

A government delegation has been inspired by British funding bodies

Film shows fight for education by Iran’s Baha’is

To Light a Candle documentary spotlights work of underground Baha’i Institute for Higher Education in face of persecution

Vivas could help prevent cheating in Gulf

Study suggests that unannounced oral exams can encourage integrity and engage students

Refugees from Syria excluded from Lebanese universities

Lebanon is failing to enable displaced scholars and students to continue their work and education, says report

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China continues to advance, but Japan dips in Shanghai Jiao Tong ranking based on research strength

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Six academics share their experiences before delivering a verdict on the system

There are some important dos and don’ts to bear in mind when choosing someone to oversee your doctoral thesis, advises Tara Brabazon