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Map of Africa

Africa’s female leaders are ‘expected to act like mothers’

Women who head universities say their gender is an extra job

England will not take part in OECD's 'Pisa for universities'

Doubts now raised over future of project billed as having potential to shake up hierarchy of world higher education

Visa airport

Universities ‘must collect hard data’ on barriers to overseas students

‘Anecdotal evidence has little value’, professor tells UK Council for International Student Affairs conference

US universities slow to respond to prospective international students

US and Canada ranked below four other regions for communicating effectively with prospective international students

A street scene during the Occupy Central protests in Hong Kong

I felt quasi-parental responsibility for students during Occupy, says v-c

The University of Hong Kong’s Peter Mathieson tells John Morgan about the Occupy protests, political pressure and being an outsider

Jo Johnson: UK aims to grow international education

Jo Johnson has pledged that the UK has “an ambition to grow” its international education activity and has committed to addressing the fall in the number of students coming from India

Indian private universities ‘will overtake others’

Amity chancellor claims traditional institutions are lagging behind on research investment

Academic guardians to keep watch over ‘Chinese Dream’

Beijing’s ‘messages’ to the academy focus on its role in promoting a crucial concept

‘Momentous point’ for South Asian sectors, British Council event hears

From post-Taliban Afghanistan to quality control: Global Education Dialogue offered insights on topics such as access for women and private providers

‘We expected more’, Kurds tell UK partners in scholarship scheme

Iraq region’s bid to fix ‘dysfunctional’ sector included ‘huge investment’ to send postgrads to Britain, but payoff fell short, says minister

Can an open-air lab tempt you to Siberia?

Russia’s Tomsk State University is banking on the region’s natural assets and an English language push to attract foreign students and scholars

Row between ‘forced exit’ scholar and NTU reignites

Nanyang Technological University president’s claim that tenure dispute was ‘not political’ contested by ex-faculty member Cherian George

Clark: Send UK students to India to future-proof relationship

Universities minister announces plan to send 5,000 students a year to the subcontinent during his visit to Delhi

Ambitious female scientists leave Japan to escape ‘male domination’

Women find cultural attitudes impede their career advancement, says university leader

Institute a ‘veneer for the state’s projects’, claims professor

US scholar says he was sacked after speaking out at National University of Singapore institute

Southeast Asia ‘needs a strong sector identity’

British Council report recommends that the region develop an identity revolving around a student experience based on links with employers

Early career scholars publish more than established peers

Research indicates South Korean academics’ productivity drops over time

Students can make governments fall, but not fees

South Korean students’ unions have been wholly ineffective in curbing tuition fee rises, paper finds

Stronger Asian systems could reduce student numbers in UK

Observatory on Borderless Higher Education report author urges UK universities to factor in growth of transnational education

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Bibliometric analysis concludes lower-quality thresholds in 2014 are more likely explanation for doubling of top-rated research

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Former Ucas head to join Australia's higher education regulator

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Study finds little difference in levels of inequality in England, US and Australia as privileged families do ‘whatever it takes’ to gain advantage

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