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A woman floating in the sea

The postdoc experience: hopes and fears

Six early career researchers reflect on their experiences

Hungarian woman wearing a plastic bag in the rain

Can free thinking continue amid authoritarian culture?

With Hungary accused of ‘undermining democratic values’, Malcolm Gillies considers to what extent universities with a liberal mission can flourish in ‘illiberal’ societies

A group of people wearing gas masks

Peer review: not as old as you might think

Peer review is often thought of as ancient and unchanging, but it is neither – and it shouldn’t be treated as a sacred cow, argues Aileen Fyfe

A black and white crowd scene with a few people highlighted

The UCU at the microlevel

What are the key issues local union branches are dealing with, and how do they manage relationships with institutions in what many activists argue is an increasingly confrontational environment?

Jonathan McHugh/Getty illustration (18 June 2015)

Sustainable university funding: David Willetts on the next steps

Debate over the RAB charge is misleading. England's higher education funding system is sound and flexible, argues the former universities minister

David Willetts

David Willetts interview: ‘What I did was in the interests of young people’

The former universities minister discusses the reforms that reshaped higher education and his first steps into academia

Times Higher Education digital edition (11 June 2015)

If I were v-c for a day...

From tackling pay to decrees on sleep and email curfews, five scholars explain what they would do to improve the academy in 24 hours

A girl with her hand clasped behind her ear

A Cinderella story for early career academics

Once upon a time there was an adjunct lecturer…By Nicholas Rowe

Man marooned on rock in ocean

A day in the life of a temporary lecturer

Poor materials, disengaged students and little time or incentive to prepare dishearten one casualised academic

Children inside water pipes, Marina Beach, Chennai, India

Schools and hard knocks: teaching the world’s poor

James Tooley ran into trouble while researching low-cost private education in developing nations

David Parkins illustration (28 May 2015)

Laurie Taylor on academics v administrators

Is there a way for the two tribes to rub along? An academic and an administrator consider the rules of engagement

Man's eyes staring through shadows

The decline of the Greek empire: US fraternities

The male student societies are under pressure like never before. Is it time to shut them down – or can they mend their ways?

Bureaucracy: why won’t scholars break their paper chains?

If the form-filling that plagues academia is pointless, why do academics comply with it? asks Eliane Glaser

PhD: is the doctoral thesis obsolete?

Should the foundations of a 21st-century academic career still be built on the traditional model?

Fear and loathing in Shagaluf: the Brit scholar abroad

To study mass tourism, Hazel Andrews entered a world of binge-drinking, sexism and racism. She describes why she did it and what she learned

How to redress the gender imbalance

Amanda Goodall and Margit Osterloh explore the causes of and solutions to the dearth of women at the top of UK academia

How to improve British politics

Academics discuss what might be done to improve trust, reduce cynicism and get young people to vote

Campaign tales: on the doorstep with an academic candidate

Three scholars with their sights set on Westminster explain what drives them to aspire to a career in politics

University financial health check 2015

Which institutions are building the reserves to cushion potential shocks from uncapped student recruitment and rocketing research costs?

Question time: THE election panel grill the politicians

Higher education figures interrogate the main parties on subjects from policy mistakes to part-time study