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Earl Cheit, 1926-2014 Subscription

28 August 2014 | By

A leading academic administrator who also made a major contribution to business economics has died

JoAnn Carmin, 1957-2014 Subscription

21 August 2014 | By

One of the world’s leading environmental sociologists has died

James MacGregor Burns, 1918-2014 Subscription

14 August 2014 | By

A political scientist who was a pioneer in the field of leadership studies has died

Norman Gibson, 1931-2014 Subscription

7 August 2014 | By

A towering figure in Northern Irish higher education, notable for his “courage, integrity and independence of mind”, has died

Rod Franks, 1956-2014 Subscription

31 July 2014 | By

An acclaimed trumpeter who also served as a professor at several of England’s leading colleges of music has died

Alan Rugman, 1945-2014 Subscription

24 July 2014 | By

One of the 10 most-cited scholars in the field of international business, and an adviser to the Canadian government on trade, has died

Susan Beth Horwitz, 1955-2014 Subscription

17 July 2014 | By

A computer scientist whose research proved crucial in reducing crashes caused by bugs within the Windows operating system has died

Peter Fisher, 1955-2014 Subscription

10 July 2014 | By

A leading figure in the development of geographical information science has died

Bruno Zumino, 1923-2014 Subscription

3 July 2014 | By

A physicist who played a central role in developing the theory of supersymmetry – often known as SUSY – has died

Anthony Kelly, 1929-2014 Subscription

26 June 2014 | By

The second vice-chancellor of the University of Surrey, who steered his institution through the upheavals of the 1980s, has died

David Armstrong, 1926-2014 Subscription

19 June 2014 | By

One of the leading Australian philosophers of his generation has died

Perry Else, 1959-2014 Subscription

12 June 2014 | By Rob Parr

A leading scholar in the field of children’s play has died

William Cromie, 1930-2014 Subscription

5 June 2014 | By

A geologist who traded a life of adventure for a highly successful career as a Harvard science journalist has died

Frederick Friend, 1941-2014 Subscription

29 May 2014 | By

A leading figure in the open access movement has died

Melanie Jasper, 1954-2014 Subscription

22 May 2014 | By

An “inspirational” head of the largest provider of healthcare education in Wales has died

Rob Potter, 1950-2014 Subscription

15 May 2014 | By

A distinguished academic expert on urban geography and the geographies of development has died

Colin Pillinger dies aged 70

08 May 2014 | Updated: 08 May 2014 | By

An academic best known for his attempt to land a spacecraft on Mars has died aged 70.

Duncan Dallas, 1940-2014 Subscription

8 May 2014 | By

A man who revolutionised public engagement with science has died

Ernesto Laclau, 1935-2014 Subscription

1 May 2014 | By

A leading Argentine political theorist and advocate of “radical democracy”, long based at the University of Essex, has died

Sigbert Prais, 1928-2014 Subscription

24 April 2014 | By

An economist who specialised in looking at the causes of low productivity in the UK has died

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