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President Higgins calls for ‘renewal’ of UK-Ireland academic relations

13 Apr 2014 | By

The President of Ireland says he wants to “plant the seeds to break new ground” and “renew” the relationship between British and Irish academics

Universities using ‘extreme measures’ to meet visa requirements

11 Apr 2014 | By

House of Lords committee calls for ‘proportionate’ checks on students

Labour to look at migration targets that do not include students

10 Apr 2014 | By

Labour says it wants more international students to come to the UK and would consider not including students in the same targets as other migrants.

Germany rethinks after rush to adopt Bologna reforms Subscription

10 April 2014 | By

Problems with the introduction of EU harmonised three-year degrees have led to a reassessment

Glyndwr students report teaching gripes and more visa threats Subscription

10 April 2014 | By

International students complain of ‘inadequate’ teaching while hearing their visa sponsorship could again be in jeopardy

1,300 universities, one shared fear: the commodification of education

05 Apr 2014 | By

IAU study identifies threats and opportunities of internationalisation

‘No academic boycott’, Willetts reassures Israelis Subscription

3 April 2014 | By

Universities and science minister at BIRAX conference affirms intention to encourage partnerships for joint scientific research projects

England sees 24 per cent drop in students from European Union

02 Apr 2014 | By

Fall is major factor in student numbers from abroad dropping for first time in almost three decades

Universities ‘shape future elites’ through soft power, say peers

28 Mar 2014 | By

Lords committee also becomes sixth Parliamentary group to call for students to be removed from net migration count

UK/US institution alliance aims for collaborative growth Subscription

27 March 2014 | By

Birmingham and Illinois at Urbana-Champaign pledge coordination on multidisciplinary research projects

Focus on recruiting foreign students reveals ‘mission drift’ Subscription

27 March 2014 | By

Pro v-c at Nottingham Trent attacks ‘profit chasing’ in sector and calls time on marketing speak

Foreign students: a belated welcome Subscription

27 March 2014 | By

James Brokenshire, the immigration minister, said that he wanted to ‘underline’ a ‘message of welcome’ to international students

Setting up an overseas campus? Why not choose a tropical paradise Subscription

27 March 2014 | By

Mauritius wants foreign students; Aberystwyth will help to provide them

UCL recruits former diplomat to steer international strategy

22 Mar 2014 | By

The former British High Commissioner to South Africa is to join University College London to steer its international strategy.

Northumbria is latest university to move into London

15 Mar 2014 | By

Northumbria University is to become the latest UK institution to open a campus in London as it tries to increase international student numbers.

Licences to recruit overseas students at risk Subscription

13 March 2014 | By

‘Savage reduction’ in overseas recruitment feared after new minister’s speech

V-cs urged to put data first in race to expand overseas Subscription

13 March 2014 | By

Analytical, not visionary, mindset may be best protection against a branch campus blunder

Campaign aims to double number of US students studying abroad Subscription

13 March 2014 | By Jon Marcus

150 universities pledge to join Institute of International Education initiative

Student visas: new immigration minister ups the ante

06 Mar 2014 | By

The government’s new immigration minister has threatened to make it tougher for education institutions to keep their student visa licences.

Vice-chancellors urge retention of right to appeal on visas Subscription

6 March 2014 | By

UUK lobbies Parliament over immigration bill concerns

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