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Times Higher Education breaking news

Labour pressed to reveal plans on student numbers

27 Feb 2015 | By

Labour has been urged to say whether or not it would reintroduce caps on undergraduate numbers after unveiling its pledge to lower fees to £6,000.

Bedfordshire cleared of giving Saudi students preferential treatment

27 Feb 2015 | By

QAA report followed claims university had bent rules to allow students sponsored by Saudi government extra resits

Miliband announces £6K tuition fees pledge

27 Feb 2015 | Updated: 27 Feb 2015 | By

Ed Miliband has pledged that a Labour government would lower fees to £6,000 and raise maintenance grants by £400

One in four students uses social media to contact university staff

26 Feb 2015 | By

More than a quarter of university students now use social media to contact their lecturers

Proportion of top BTEC students doubles: Hefce report

26 Feb 2015 | By

Students taking BTEC vocational qualifications are more than twice as likely to score top marks as they were seven years earlier, says a new study.

Language test providers announced after scandal

25 Feb 2015 | By

Only two awarding bodies accrediting Secure English Language Tests, used to assess overseas students’ language capability, will be approved by the UK government from April.

ABS ranking reveals 'world elite' of business journals

25 Feb 2015 | By

Thirty-three journals have been given the coveted “world elite” ranking in an influential and hotly debated league table

Social science ‘critical’ to innovation

25 Feb 2015 | By

Funding for science and innovation should increase by at least 10 per cent in real terms over the next Parliament, according to the Campaign for Social Science

Raising fee cap for some would create funding ‘inequity’

25 Feb 2015 | By

Allowing some universities to charge tuition fees above £9,000 a year would “create further inequity” in higher education funding, a university group has warned

UK losing out to US and Australia in race for overseas students

24 Feb 2015 | By

The UK’s slight growth in international student recruitment over the past year overshadows a “global underperformance” when compared with other countries, an analysis has warned

MENA top 30 snapshot released as THE MENA Universities Summit launches

24 Feb 2015 | By

Institutions from 11 countries feature in a top 30 that previews what a new ranking of universities in the Middle East and North Africa could look like

Government 'failed to protect public money' in private college boom

24 Feb 2015 | By

The government encouraged private colleges to grow “without sufficient regulation in place to protect public money” and a senior civil servant should have opposed the policy, according to MPs

MPs attack government on student visa changes

24 Feb 2015 | By

The government must allow overseas students to stay in the UK after graduation to work as current rules are “jeopardising Britain’s position in the global race for talent”, MPs warn

Newcastle University to open London campus

23 Feb 2015 | By

Plans for a London branch campus teaching 1,200 students have been announced by Newcastle University.

Is philosophy dead?

22 Feb 2015 | By

Leading philosophers took up the challenge of Stephen Hawking’s claim that “philosophy is dead”

Durham University students to protest against accommodation fees

21 Feb 2015 | By

Durham students are calling for a freeze on accommodation costs after being hit with a 20 per cent hike over the past three years

Research funding formula tweaked after REF 2014 results

20 Feb 2015 | By

England’s funding council has changed the formula for distributing quality-related research funding following the research excellence framework

Britons would rather be an academic than a Hollywood star

20 Feb 2015 | By

Becoming an academic is the third most desirable job for Britons and is seen as more attractive than being a Hollywood film star

Mandelson warns Labour on £6,000 fees

20 Feb 2015 | By ,

A cut to tuition fees not coupled with a rise in taxpayer funding would damage universities, Lord Mandelson has said as Labour finalises its policy.

‘Macho’ university culture mirrors banks’ mistakes

19 Feb 2015 | By

Professors issue warning over obsession with performance management and research excellence

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