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REF 2014 impact case studies: government policy cited most Subscription

26 March 2015 | By

Informing government policy was the most common kind of impact submitted to the 2014 research excellence framework, a study has found

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The week in higher education – 26 March 2015 Subscription

The discovery of Richard III’s skeleton by University of Leicester archaeologists has generated an estimated £50 million for the city since September 2012, The Times reported

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Ed Byrne: 'new address is a defining moment for King's College London'

The university’s principal on capturing a landmark building, a rebranding volte-face, and the capital’s ‘fizz’

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World Reputation Rankings 2015 results

12 March 2015 | By

‘Super-league’ can’t be shaken from the top

MENA top 30 snapshot released as THE MENA Universities Summit launches

24 Feb 2015 | By

Institutions from 11 countries feature in a top 30 that previews what a new ranking of universities in the Middle East and North Africa could look like

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  • Infographic (26 March 2015)

    What courses cost

    More than half of subjects at English universities cost more than the average tuition fee to teach, according to data presented in a report

  • Small infographic (19 March 2015)

    Mobile students get top marks

    Students who spend part of their degree overseas achieve higher final grades than those who choose to stay put, according to a report

  • Infographic (12 March 2015)

    Rise in teaching-only contracts

    The proportion of part-time staff on teaching-only contracts is now more than 60 per cent after climbing almost 4 percentage points in a year, according to a report

  • Infographic (5 March 2015)

    Social science PhDs are quids in

    People with a PhD in the social sciences earn the largest average salary seven to nine years after graduation, according to research

  • Infographic (19 February 2015)

    Surges and falls in demand for courses

    Biological sciences and business are among subjects to have experienced a surge in popularity over the past seven years

  • Infographic (12 February 2015)

    The countries employing young graduates

    The employment rate among young people graduating in the UK is higher than that of the US, Australia and Japan, according to a report by the OECD

  • Infographic (29 January 2015)

    Who got what class of degree

    Part-time students are much less likely to secure an upper second-class degree than their full-time peers, data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency reveal

  • Infographic (15 January 2015)

    Graduates’ salary premium

    People of working age with a master’s or PhD earn on average £9,000 a year more than those with only a bachelor’s degree, according to data

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