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THE Features archive

PhD: is the doctoral thesis obsolete? Subscription

21 May 2015 | By

Should the foundations of a 21st-century academic career still be built on the traditional model?

Bureaucracy: why won’t scholars break their paper chains? Subscription

21 May 2015 | By Elaine Glaser

If the form-filling that plagues academia is pointless, why do academics comply with it? asks Eliane Glaser

How to redress the gender imbalance Subscription

14 May 2015 | By Amanda Goodall, Margit Osterloh

Amanda Goodall and Margit Osterloh explore the causes of and solutions to the dearth of women at the top of UK academia

Fear and loathing in Shagaluf: the Brit scholar abroad Subscription

14 May 2015 | By

To study mass tourism, Hazel Andrews entered a world of binge-drinking, sexism and racism. She describes why she did it and what she learned

How to improve British politics Subscription

7 May 2015

Academics discuss what might be done to improve trust, reduce cynicism and get young people to vote

University financial health check 2015 Subscription

30 April 2015 | By ,

Which institutions are building the reserves to cushion potential shocks from uncapped student recruitment and rocketing research costs?

Campaign tales: on the doorstep with an academic candidate Subscription

30 April 2015 | By

Three scholars with their sights set on Westminster explain what drives them to aspire to a career in politics

Question time: THE election panel grill the politicians Subscription

23 April 2015

Higher education figures interrogate the main parties on subjects from policy mistakes to part-time study

Mock job applications: should they be part of a university degree? Subscription

23 April 2015 | By Bryn Glover, Stephen Longstaffe

An academic and a graduate give their views on embedding employability into higher education courses

Sabbaticals: no longer so open-ended or available? Subscription

16 April 2015 | By

Five academics detail how taking leave of the grind has turbocharged their work – but can everyone get a break?

Let’s make higher education an election issue Subscription

16 April 2015 | By Thomas Docherty

In the workplace and at the ballot box, it is time to reject stale ideology, says Thomas Docherty

Drugs on campus: from psychedelia to responsible research Subscription

9 April 2015 | By Ross Aikins

Ross Aikins considers the evolution of substance use and how universities shape the debate

Interview: the “philosopher president” of Uruguay Subscription

9 April 2015 | By Martin McQuillan

Martin McQuillan meets José Mujica to discuss education and philosophy

Times Higher Education pay survey 2015 Subscription

2 April 2015 | By

Did rises for vice-chancellors outpace those of academic staff, and did the REF swell the salaries of star researchers?

Death of the ascetics: the rise of the v-c lifestyle Subscription

2 April 2015 | By Lincoln Allison

University leaders command huge salaries. Lincoln Allison examines how asceticism gave way to abundance

The Palestinian academy: pressing concerns and future prospects Subscription

26 March 2015 | By

Matthew Reisz examines how scholars in the region cope with constraints as they continue to hope for a possible future independent state

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