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Is bigger better for universities? Subscription

27 November 2014 | By

Student numbers will be uncapped from 2015. Chris Havergal examines arguments for and against expansion

Amnesia in the outback Subscription

27 November 2014 | By

An academic talks about her experience, the impact on her work and the long road to recovery

University life: which works of fiction are most telling? Subscription

20 November 2014

John Sutherland, Sarah Churchwell and others pick books that capture truths about the sector

Fifty years of free speech at Berkeley Subscription

20 November 2014

Massimo Mazzotti on the legacy of the 1964 movement

Are UK degree standards comparable? Subscription

13 November 2014

Without a system for sharing assessment practice, it’s nonsense to assume that a 2:1 is the same everywhere, says Chris Rust

The future of women-only universities Subscription

13 November 2014 | By Jon Marcus

Jon Marcus examines the decline of all-female institutions in the West and their rising popularity in the developing world

Mature students: lifelong learning on life support? Subscription

6 November 2014 | By ,

Matthew Reisz talks to academics about their experiences of teaching older learners, while Holly Else analyses the decline in the number of mature students

Sir Steve Smith: 'One v-c said I’d done moral equivalent of invading Iraq' Subscription

6 November 2014 | By

THE speaks to the former UUK president, four years on from the tuition fee protests

Uncontrolled expansion: how private colleges grew Subscription

30 October 2014

Andrew McGettigan visits one institution, using it as a case study to explore concerns about the coalition’s policies

Haunted campuses: tales from beyond the grave Subscription

30 October 2014

Richard Sugg explores ghoulish stories about things that go bump in the night

Big brother in the academy Subscription

23 October 2014 | By

As monitoring of scholars’ performance, time and output increases, so do reservations about its value and effectiveness

Why philanthropy merits scholarly study Subscription

23 October 2014

As giving grows in importance, universities need to engage seriously with the topic, says Charles Keidan

Intellectual cowardice Subscription

16 October 2014

Scholarship can be a fearsome activity, as Chris Walsh discovered when he set out to investigate the figure of the coward

What’s the point of the party conference? Subscription

16 October 2014

Martin McQuillan takes a whistle-stop tour of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat events

Do the social sciences need a shake-up? Subscription

9 October 2014

Amanda Goodall and Andrew Oswald examine the state of the disciplines

Interview: Hoarder or collector? Subscription

9 October 2014 | By

In his new book, Scott Herring aims to ‘depathologise’ hoarding. He talks to Matthew Reisz

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