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THE Features archive

Feature: When disaster strikes on campus… Subscription

26 February 2015 | By ,

How do universities cope in the aftermath of fires, earthquakes and killing sprees?

Hannah Arendt: thinking versus evil Subscription

26 February 2015 | By Jon Nixon

Jon Nixon asks what Arendt’s work can tell us about the value of universities as places of thinking together

The impact of impact Subscription

19 February 2015 | By

The REF’s formal assessment of the impact of academic work was highly controversial in theory: how did it play out in practice?

Out of office: on research leave in Florence Subscription

19 February 2015

Poring over manuscripts in the Biblioteca Nazionale prompts Nicholas Till to consider the benefits of studying original documents in a digital age

Danny Dorling: six trends in university admissions Subscription

12 February 2015

What has been the impact of £9k fees and what is in store when the cap on student numbers is lifted?

The great love and lust swindle Subscription

12 February 2015

Canadian philosopher Clancy Martin tells John Kaag that the liar and the lover are two sides of the same coin

Best University Workplace Survey 2015: results and analysis Subscription

5 February 2015 | By

The results show that most people in the sector enjoy their work and their colleagues, but some are happier than others

The secret lives of child labourers of the Himalayas Subscription

5 February 2015 | By

For 15 months, social geographer Jane Dyson lived in a mountain village with young Indian workers, bonding over ‘mountain ice cream’

Is ‘academic citizenship’ under strain? Subscription

29 January 2015 | By ,

A wide range of essential under-the-radar tasks sustain academic culture, but who will perform them in an increasingly careerist academy?

Interview with David Lodge Subscription

29 January 2015 | By

As he turns 80, the writer discusses the ‘golden age’ of universities and the (imagined) sexual indiscretions of academics

Russia’s universities: rebuilding ‘collapsed stars’ Subscription

22 January 2015 | By

Jack Grove reports from Moscow on bold plans to revive the country’s ailing higher education sector

The rise of the medical humanities Subscription

22 January 2015

Belinda Jack examines the growing field and considers the therapeutic effects of poetry

How to give the next generation of scholars a career boost Subscription

15 January 2015 | By

Holly Else examines European efforts to make academic career paths less challenging to navigate

Cultural guardian confronts the looters Subscription

15 January 2015 | By

Donna Yates is tackling the illicit trade in antiquities, and although it can be dangerous, the archaeologist says it’s a world away from Lara Croft

Multidisciplinary departments: do they work? Subscription

8 January 2015

Tim Hall describes staff and student experiences of interdisciplinary mergers, including an awkward departmental ‘speed date’

Interview: Terry Eagleton Subscription

8 January 2015

The literary theorist talks about his 50-year career, the importance of low-minded virtues and the double act of Christianity and communism

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