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PhD: is the doctoral thesis obsolete?

Should the foundations of a 21st-century academic career still be built on the traditional model?

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Interview: the “philosopher president” of Uruguay Subscription

9 April 2015 | By Martin McQuillan

Martin McQuillan meets José Mujica to discuss education and philosophy

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Fear and loathing in Shagaluf: the Brit scholar abroad Subscription

14 May 2015 | By

To study mass tourism, Hazel Andrews entered a world of binge-drinking, sexism and racism. She describes why she did it and what she learned

The Outer Limits archive

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Interview with David Lodge

As he turns 80, the writer discusses the ‘golden age’ of universities and the (imagined) sexual indiscretions of academics

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Beware ‘brain-based learning’ Subscription

12 December 2013

Enthusiasm for ‘neuroeducation’ risks blinding people to its potentially limited efficacy, argues Steven Rose

THE Culture


‘Everything in the world is about sex’ Subscription

21 May 2015 | By Nathan Smith

Twenty-five years after its publication, Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae is still an energising ‘cultural bible’


A Fuller Life: The Story of a True American Maverick Subscription

14 May 2015 | By Philip Kemp

His daughter’s documentary shows why Samuel Fuller’s brash movies made him a ‘poet of the American idiom’ and a cult hero in France

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Gladstone’s Library: a retreat for readers and writers Subscription

7 May 2015 | By Emma Rees

The vibrant residential library founded on the bequest of the former prime minister can be both productive and restorative, finds Emma Rees


Light Shining in Buckinghamshire, by Caryl Churchill Subscription

30 April 2015 | By Liz Schafer

A staging of the 1647 Putney Debates poses inconvenient questions about political means and ends, says Liz Schafer

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Love Bites: Caricatures by James Gillray Subscription

26 March 2015 | By Alexander Massouras

An exhibition of Georgian satirical prints is a timely study of the medium’s enduring power, finds Alexander Massouras

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The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies Subscription

27 November 2014

Roger Michell faced ethical as well as artistic issues in dramatising the vilification of an innocent eccentric questioned over a murder, he tells Richard Howells

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