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Closing the ‘town-gown’ gap Subscription

24 July 2014 | By

The new universities minister Greg Clark also has ‘cities’ in his remit, but cries of mission creep may be premature

Time to reflect on reforms Subscription

17 July 2014 | By

David Willetts’ controversial policies divided opinion but the former minister won respect in a role that matched his talents

The right to be unpopular Subscription

10 July 2014 | By

Universities need to be careful about equating academic freedom and outspoken opinions with employee misconduct

Visa issues at heart of problem Subscription

3 July 2014 | By

Universities must take responsibility for oversight of international students – an arm’s-length approach is no protection

Tales of continental drift Subscription

26 June 2014 | By

The globalised academy offers ambitious scholars a plethora of opportunities, yet expat life is nothing if not unpredictable

Imperialist metric systems Subscription

19 June 2014 | By

Inappropriate measures of performance are detrimental to the intrinsic motivations of an academic workforce

Erudition needed for in-out vote Subscription

12 June 2014 | By

In the debate about Scottish independence, university leaders have been notably reticent in stating their position

Promises and their limitations Subscription

5 June 2014 | By

Trust in research confidentiality is vital, yet recent disclosures suggest the need for a review of safeguards for all concerned

All roads lead to London Subscription

29 May 2014 | By

The lure of the capital is irresistible to universities, but with the unique opportunities come unique challenges

Don’t let fees billy boil over Subscription

22 May 2014 | By

We must heed warnings in Hepi’s academic experience survey before following Australia’s lead and abolishing tuition fee caps

How to turn pain into gain Subscription

15 May 2014 | By

Universities must convince the public and policymakers that they are key to improving the public sector workforce

Skills, yes, but what of the thrills? Subscription

8 May 2014 | By

Universities have to balance meeting students’ pragmatic expectations with delivering a satisfyingly rounded experience

Open labs may lead to open minds Subscription

1 May 2014 | By

A concordat aimed at ending secrecy in animal testing will allow for debate that should benefit researchers and subjects

A little lift could help everyone Subscription

24 April 2014 | By

Postgraduate study is a financial struggle for most, and low pay for graduate teaching assistants does nothing to alleviate it

The coin of quality has to be sound Subscription

17 April 2014 | By

If faith in the comparability of standards is not maintained across UK higher education, the system will be devalued

Beyond naked power Subscription

10 April 2014 | By

Vice-chancellors and those who select them might learn from the successes – and notable failures – of politics

Standards and pay in public life Subscription

3 April 2014 | By

As vice-chancellors’ salaries creep up, do university heads risk the same fate as bankers in the court of public opinion?

The good, the bad and the ugly Subscription

27 March 2014 | By

An inspirational supervisor can nurture a career, while a poor one slows its growth. Either way, mentors have a lasting impact

Got value, or taken for a ride? Subscription

20 March 2014 | By

A shrinking unit of resource will make it harder for institutions to turn around perceptions of ‘value for money’

It’s casual, and that’s a problem Subscription

13 March 2014 | By

Zero-hours contracts make staff feel anxious and ill-used; they must be tackled as the sector seeks a sustainable future

Songs of experience showcased Subscription

6 March 2014 | By

Universities are making prize-worthy efforts to give students what they want and need, but they can’t control for all factors

Clap your hands if you believe Subscription

27 February 2014 | By

With the Treasury stepping out of its traditional role as panto villain, human capital is back atop the political agenda

Broad church of the mind Subscription

20 February 2014 | By

Could working in a ‘team of rivals’ encourage academic creativity - and turn out better equipped graduates, too?

Blob rule turns up the heat Subscription

13 February 2014 | By

Unscrupulous operators should be unmasked, but using them to tar all the sector causes damage without tackling vital issues

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