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THE Leader

Party lines and party lapses Subscription

23 April 2015 | By

What would politicians do for higher education in the next government? To find out, our panel gave them a grilling

A change for the better Subscription

16 April 2015 | By

Research reveals that sabbaticals boost productivity – but be sure not to take work phone calls or check the email

A growth spurt with challenges Subscription

9 April 2015 | By

The uncapping of student numbers may not result in a surge across the sector - but things are changing all the same

It’s not just bad, it’s wrong Subscription

2 April 2015 | By

The pay gap between men and women is an issue that never goes away. It’s time for action, not more reassuring words

Penalties and prize money Subscription

26 March 2015 | By

George Osborne’s ambitions for northern research powerhouses may be undermined by post-REF funding allocations

Cash and je ne sais quoi, too Subscription

19 March 2015 | By

Overseas students are key to universities’ success, bringing valuable fee income and adding value for home students, too

Strong ties are best defence Subscription

12 March 2015 | By

University terror inquiries flag the vital role of strong pastoral care and good tutoring in guarding against disengagement

From the cradle to the ballot Subscription

5 March 2015 | By

Labour has given birth to its £6K tuition fees baby but doubts still remain about the costs and benefits of the policy

Owning up to the bias in all of us Subscription

26 February 2015 | By

We need an honest conversation about unconscious prejudices and how they can hold back individuals and their work

Don’t let others ruin your name Subscription

19 February 2015

The use of recruitment agents is rising, but are universities putting their reputations at risk as competition hots up?

Like it’s going out of fashion Subscription

12 February 2015 | By

Institutions splashed the cash to stay competitive, resulting in a REF price tag that may be far higher than the official estimate

Measure still for measure? Subscription

5 February 2015 | By

Is the sector placing too little trust in academics and too much in performance management techniques?

The extras that make a difference Subscription

29 January 2015 | By

Enrichment of university life by academics’ ancillary activities is threatened as the workforce is pushed towards casualisation

UK can’t afford to fall behind Subscription

22 January 2015 | By

Countries worldwide are investing to get ahead in the global game of research. Not doing so will cost the UK dear

A cliff is no place to start Subscription

15 January 2015 | By

Building an academic career is hard, but high initial hurdles and a lack of clear progression paths make it unnecessarily daunting

Don’t be afraid: live in the light Subscription

8 January 2015 | By

Universities must have at heart a public ethos counterbalance to weigh against commercial interests and state diktat

New Year: the hopes and fears Subscription

1 January 2015 | By

With the fever of REF results subsiding, we contemplate what 2015 might hold in store for higher education

They saw a star and rejoiced Subscription

18 December 2014 | By

The REF results can be wrapped up and presented many different ways. THE puts its analysis under the sector’s tree

It’s the way that they do it Subscription

11 December 2014 | By

The REF may have alienated many academics because of how it has been interpreted by a management culture

Failing to look, listen or legislate Subscription

4 December 2014 | By

An OMG moment is predicted for whoever wins the election as politicians address lapses in oversight and funding challenges

Just let the drivers get on with it Subscription

27 November 2014 | By

Universities already play a key role in powering regional growth. Another diktat demanding more on that score may be unhelpful

Defence must not rest Subscription

20 November 2014 | By

With cuts looming on the horizon, the sector cannot afford to relent in pressing the case to protect the research budget

Doors open as others swing shut Subscription

13 November 2014 | By

Policies on immigration often conflict with sector ambitions regarding overseas students and signal a turbulent spell ahead

Searching for solid ground Subscription

6 November 2014 | By

Aftershocks following the austerity reforms of 2010 are still being felt, with mature students particularly hard hit

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