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THE From Where I Sit

Traumatic evidence scars American football and its fans Subscription

22 January 2015

Is the tide about to turn on the college sport?, ask Daniel Goldberg and Robert Lee Maril

University idols overrun Platonic ideals in China Subscription

15 January 2015

Institutions are using pictures of glamorous students to tart up their marketing, but not everyone approves of the trend, says Hong Bing

US higher education: more options than McDonald’s menu Subscription

8 January 2015

Students searching for the perfect university must value the diversity on offer and be aware of the complexity it brings, says Alan Ruby

Higher education in Europe: the glass is more than half full Subscription

1 January 2015

Three achievements are underestimated in current political debates, says Anne Corbett

Not studying abroad could be your biggest regret Subscription

18 December 2014

The Erasmus programme presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to discover the perks of international mobility, says Brian Bloch

Chinese academia: temptation in a toxic system Subscription

11 December 2014

The arrest of several academics has raised questions about the nation’s research culture, says Hong Bing

‘They’ has arrived at the pronoun party Subscription

4 December 2014

Students are using new gender-inclusive terms, and academics have to catch on and catch up, says Deborah D. Rogers

The discounting trend at US universities Subscription

27 November 2014

Few students in America are paying full price on fees, says Alan Ruby

A significant step towards a mature Scottish model of higher education Subscription

20 November 2014

Ferdinand von Prondzynski welcomes planned legislation that addresses key university governance issues

What will be the impact on higher education of the new European commissioners? Subscription

13 November 2014

Anne Corbett flags the ones to watch among commissioners for 2014-19

The GDR is gone, but its Stasi-conferred titles live on Subscription

6 November 2014

The recognition of East German PhDs issued by the State Security Ministry remains controversial, writes Brian Bloch

An appeal to protect every citizen’s right to philosophy Subscription

30 October 2014

The future of the Collège International de Philosophie, a legacy of Jacques Derrida, is at risk, warns Martin McQuillan

Post-referendum thoughts from Edinburgh Subscription

23 October 2014

The ‘Yes’ vote of the heart was trumped by unanswered concerns about currency, pensions and university research, writes Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones

A welcome clash of academic cultures Subscription

16 October 2014

Alan Ruby reflects on an unscripted display of the differences between national research communities

The best bloc for a 21st-century education system? Subscription

9 October 2014

Mike Cole ponders how to promote research culture and social democracy in Cambodia

Still united but accommodating divergence Subscription

2 October 2014

Ferdinand von Prondzynski foresees some separation of English and Scottish higher education after the referendum, but overall a shared future

Economists’ ivory tower isolation is not an option Subscription

25 September 2014

In Germany as elsewhere, says Brian Bloch, the economic crisis has shown the limitations of neoclassical economics

Does boot camp have a place on campus? Subscription

18 September 2014

Hong Bing considers whether compulsory military training in Chinese universities has a place in the modern world

The small university with big international reach Subscription

11 September 2014

Valparaiso University’s message of knowledge, understanding and faith means that it attracts a global student base, says Alan Ruby

Japan’s women have got the get-up-and-go Subscription

4 September 2014

Women show more willingness than men to take up scholarships to study abroad, says Brian Christian

The systematisation of higher education in the US Subscription

28 August 2014

Consolidation may bring greater efficiencies but the process is one yielding mixed blessings, writes Howard P. Segal

Retiring from academic life Subscription

21 August 2014

US public institutions of higher education remain inept at preparing staff for life after work, says Lee Maril

Divergence from England’s higher education ethos has delivered results for Scotland Subscription

14 August 2014

The referendum is a chance to reinforce the Scottish higher education sector’s uniquely innovative identity

Bar-Ilan’s disturbing defence of one of its own Subscription

7 August 2014

Why would a university stand by Mordechai Kedar after his abhorrent comments about rape as a terror deterrent? asks Neve Gordon

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