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THE From Where I Sit

A cocktail for violence Subscription

24 April 2014

Campus lifestyles and easy access to guns can create the perfect storm, say Deborah D. Rogers and Howard P. Segal

Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 puts fledgling Chinese media in spotlight Subscription

17 April 2014

The performance of the domestic press has fallen short of expectations, says Hong Bing

Countdown to the Scottish referendum Subscription

10 April 2014

Ferdinand von Prondzynski ponders possible outcomes should Scotland opt for independence

The power of small steps Subscription

3 April 2014

Libya’s education system requires reform, but effective change can come incrementally, says Darren L. Linvill

Jagged edges slow progress Subscription

27 March 2014

South Africa’s energy is built on frustration, anger, fear and cheerful fatalism, finds Robert Appelbaum

History for tomorrow’s world Subscription

20 March 2014

Ice cores from 11,700 years ago aid the climate change debate, but the recent past has its own share of lessons, says Howard P. Segal

When reform needs reform Subscription

13 March 2014

More freedom to select students has not been an unalloyed good in China, says Hong Bing

A yearning for spice Subscription

6 March 2014

Claire Chambers relishes the exciting flavour of Pakistan at the Karachi Literature Festival

Forgotten plight of Palestinian higher education Subscription

27 February 2014

Condemning those who back Israeli boycott fails to acknowledge curbs on Palestinian academy, says Eric Cheyfitz

Unanswerable questions Subscription

20 February 2014

How can the US legal system confuse the singing of hymns by an elderly nun with the acts of a terrorist?

Fair game? Subscription

13 February 2014

Should developing countries receive ‘transfer fees’ when Western universities sign their academics? asks Malegapuru Makgoba

Should dropouts trade up? Subscription

6 February 2014

A remarkably large proportion of university students in Germany do not complete their studies – 30 per cent, according to Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft

No retreating to Little England Subscription

30 January 2014

I was an early reader. Let me be precise: I was an early reader of the Treaty of Rome. It was the 1960s and I was in my first job

A chance to make a difference Subscription

23 January 2014

Can social scientists and humanities scholars rise to the challenge of reshaping Europe while remaining true to their principles?

Demonisation and hatred Subscription

16 January 2014

Soon after I started graduate school in history at Princeton University in 1970, I joined the American Studies Association and have been a faithful member ever since

A paper-thin line Subscription

9 January 2014

The recent spate of plagiarism scandals in Germany – which have toppled some senior politicians – has had an unexpected side-effect

West Bank balance Subscription

2 January 2014

On 18 November, Brandeis University suspended its partnership with Al-Quds University, a Palestinian institution with campuses in East Jerusalem and on the West Bank

Muse of fire burns out Subscription

19 December 2013

I have had a good run with Henry V, but I think it is over now

Eastern promise Subscription

12 December 2013

I’m sitting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (previously Saigon), a progressive and cosmopolitan metropolis that has an abundance of scooters and a vibrant cafe culture

Getting the writing right Subscription

5 December 2013

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of travelling to Finland to give a course on “English for academic research”

State interventionism Subscription

28 November 2013

The coverage of the Robbins report’s 50th anniversary was a reminder of the way higher education shapes and is shaped by government policy

Rebuilding the Kurdistan academy Subscription

21 November 2013

Vice-chancellors are held in high esteem in the UK, but they can’t hold up the traffic

Sweden drops language of competition Subscription

14 November 2013

Robert Appelbaum on the war of words that preceded the withdrawal of plans to privatise universities

Continental drift Subscription

7 November 2013

David Willetts, in the recently published pamphlet Robbins Revisited: Bigger and Better Higher Education (Social Market Foundation), makes three references to Europe

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