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Kevin Fong

Exams: call time on the academy’s Hunger Games Subscription

5 March 2015 | By Kevin Fong

University examinations teach students how to compete but teamwork is the vital life skill, says Kevin Fong

Check your reflexes on UK’s first private medical school Subscription

22 January 2015

Kevin Fong examines his responses to £35,000 a year degree

The past and the presents Subscription

4 December 2014

Kevin Fong on how Christmas nostalgia can help us buy the right gifts today

Doctor Who and the portfolio career Subscription

23 October 2014

Kevin Fong advises academics to scale the silo walls occasionally to regenerate their careers

The trials of moving house Subscription

11 September 2014

Kevin Fong tries to find a little order among the chaos

London Student newspaper’s demise is short-sighted Subscription

31 July 2014

Why is the University of London closing a place to build work skills?, asks Kevin Fong

Face time with students in the digital age Subscription

19 June 2014

Kevin Fong suggests ways of satisfying the contact time cravings of today’s Young Ones

UK immigration: farce, then tragedy? Subscription

8 May 2014

Racist government policies hurt the higher education sector, says Kevin Fong, but the harm doesn’t stop there

Reality has no manual Subscription

27 March 2014

How do you prepare students for the impossible? asks Kevin Fong

Knowledge is power – but what about horsepower? Subscription

13 February 2014

Novice car-buyer Kevin Fong on the value of preparing students for real-world challenges

The gift excellence framework Subscription

2 January 2014

Kevin Fong’s method to raise present standards

Debt contagion Subscription

14 November 2013

Kevin Fong worries as UK medical graduates catch an American disease

Course corrections for a revolutionary age Subscription

3 October 2013

An ‘unconference’ inspires Kevin Fong to rethink his lecture material

Unplugged: my holiday from electronica Subscription

22 August 2013

Camping and lecturing at a festival frees Kevin Fong from the digital prison

Academy must embrace new technology Subscription

11 July 2013

Technological change is scary but we must adapt to survive, says Kevin Fong

State control to Major Tim Subscription

30 May 2013

The final frontier to UK space exploration is political but exhilarating nevertheless, says Kevin Fong

It's another world Subscription

18 April 2013

Kevin Fong boldly takes science to pupils in post-Thatcher, post-Spock galaxies

Text massaging Subscription

7 March 2013

Baths, box sets, blueberry muffins, terror: Kevin Fong gives birth to a book

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