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Christopher Bigsby

Dead-hard study, then a very final exam Subscription

14 May 2015 | By Christopher Bigsby

Mortuary science finds the dead in good spirit, discovers Christopher Bigsby

Libraries: life in the margins Subscription

2 April 2015 | By Christopher Bigsby

Christopher Bigsby considers their changing nature

Shut the front door! Subscription

19 February 2015

Fear of offending makes a pig’s ear of free speech, says Christopher Bigsby

Some cheats are enterprising, if not moral Subscription

8 January 2015

Christopher Bigsby on those who take a creative approach to academic rigour

Counting university contact hours is a waste of time Subscription

20 November 2014

Discoveries made off-campus are as valuable as lectures, says Christopher Bigsby

Academia then and now Subscription

9 October 2014

Christopher Bigsby reflects on an age of innocence, sherry and tenure

The wonder years: a journey to independence Subscription

28 August 2014

Christopher Bigsby reflects on being a Fresher and the transition from the classroom to campus

Overseas branches serve it sunny side up Subscription

17 July 2014

Christopher Bigsby on the pleasures and pitfalls of internationalisation

All literary festivals great and small Subscription

5 June 2014

Christopher Bigsby on the hardships and high points of life under canvas

What’s Klingon for ‘impact’? Subscription

24 April 2014

I’ve had it with university enterprise: beam me up, Scotty, says Christopher Bigsby

Laughter of despair Subscription

13 March 2014

How much political folly can we stomach? asks Christopher Bigsby

Ashes to ashes, universities to dust Subscription

30 January 2014

Universities are now like Jeremy Bentham, hollow husks of their former selves, laments Christopher Bigsby

Art and science: ‘two cultures’ with shared values Subscription

12 December 2013

Forcing students to choose sides leaves them, and society, poorer, says Christopher Bigsby

Lecture abroad? Talk to my avatar Subscription

31 October 2013

Christopher Bigsby struggles to see the point of travelling to give a lecture

50 maxims for market entrants Subscription

19 September 2013

Christopher Bigsby offers some words of advice

Sporting fanatics Subscription

8 August 2013

US universities feel the white-line fever

A breath of ‘fresh’ air Subscription

27 June 2013

Christopher Bigsby loved Aberystwyth, despite the respiratory hazards

Hitch in (and out of) time Subscription

16 May 2013

Christopher Bigsby on the declining art of taking a hike

Parallel parking Subscription

4 April 2013

In an alternative universe, Christopher Bigsby is coining it in Vegas

'Are you experienced?' Subscription

21 February 2013

If so, a Master of Arts of deception could be yours

Name, rank and number Subscription

10 January 2013

I can’t keep up with the proliferation of new universities

Smiley's people Subscription

22 November 2012

Christopher Bigsby on cases not of single spies but battalions

Fifty shades of green Subscription

11 October 2012

Saving energy is an all-consuming affair for Christopher Bigsby

Copycat criminality Subscription

30 August 2012

Christopher Bigsby on plagiarism in the cut-and-paste era

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