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Should universities be exempt from the FoI Act?

Chris Cobb and Maurice Frankel debate the pros and cons

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Defence must not rest Subscription

20 November 2014 | By

With cuts looming on the horizon, the sector cannot afford to relent in pressing the case to protect the research budget

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I can see clearly now! Subscription

20 November 2014 | By

Suggestions that Plymouth University is currently beset by “uncertainty” after the recent return to office of its vice-chancellor, Wendy Purcell, have been described as “maliciously misinformed”…

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Will universities’ bullying boomerang? Subscription


Legal scholars say threats to sue individual academics over industrial action may expose institutions to greater liability

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A significant step towards a mature Scottish model of higher education Subscription

20 November 2014

Ferdinand von Prondzynski welcomes planned legislation that addresses key university governance issues

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THE podcast: Swarthmore College

24 Nov 2014

Vice-president and dean of admissions Jim Bock talks about the importance of the liberal arts, a growing demand for places at the college from UK-based students, and the challenges of reaching students from disadvantaged backgrounds

THE podcast: 20-26 November 2014 issue review

20 Nov 2014

Grant application success rates, feared cuts to the research budget, this week’s books section and scholars’ favourite portrayals of academia in literature are all discussed in this week’s issue review

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Now is the time to call pensions conference Subscription

20 November 2014

We are dismayed to see that the University and College Union has proposed a career revalued benefits scheme for pensions that, if accepted, would considerably worsen our terms and conditions of service without…

Standard measures Subscription

20 November 2014

A revealing approach to tackling the challenge of the relative standard of degrees might be to require universities to publish not just syllabuses but also examples of past exam papers

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