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Times Higher Education textbook guide

7 November 2013


Affordable textbooks that meet lecturers’ requirements for first-year undergraduate courses are always hard to find, but Elizabeth Page spots some commendable titles in this year’s crop


From empirically informed to frankly polemical, a plethora of perspectives on the discipline can make it difficult for students to filter information. Sandra Leaton Gray offers guidance


The high quality, scope and clarity of several new titles is outstanding, notes Jill Stewart, but some lack e-resources that would greatly enhance their usefulness and accessibility

Gender studies

Communicating the benefits to us all of seeing the world as the rightful sphere of both women and men is a welcome focus of many recent gender studies texts, says Mary Evans

Languages and linguistics

Even if the subject matter is unfamiliar, a well-written book can entice you into unexplored areas. Rachel Wicaksono’s initial trepidation wears off as she heads into the unknown


Clear, thoughtful, practical and engaging: such qualities are essential in good legal textbooks, and Sarah Greer finds them in abundance in some refreshing new titles

Media and film studies

In an age of proliferating media formats, Philip Kemp is encouraged to find a host of titles that offer an equally wide range of approaches to scholarly criticism, from conventional to irreverent


Recommending core texts can give the mistaken impression that topics are defined and discrete, but many stimulating books can also arouse curiosity and widen horizons, says Sherria Hoskins