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THE Books of the week

Vanishing for the Vote: Suffrage, Citizenship and the Battle for the Census, by Jill Liddington Subscription

17 April 2014

New data enrich an account of the activists who refused to be counted in 1911, says June Purvis

A Philosophy of Walking, by Frédéric Gros Subscription

10 April 2014

Laurence Coupe admires scholarly insights of a kind the REF could never hope to measure

The Knowledge: How To Rebuild Our World From Scratch, by Lewis Dartnell Subscription

3 April 2014

What will we need to know to reboot civilisation after the apocalypse?, asks Alison Stokes

Altered Pasts: Counterfactuals in History, by Richard J. Evans Subscription

27 March 2014

Ascertaining the truth behind events is what matters, says Robert Gellately, not hypotheticals

Bleak Houses: Disappointment and Failure in Architecture, by Timothy Brittain-Catlin Subscription

20 March 2014

Richard Williams on architectural criticism and how its narrowness affects our built landscape

Mirror, Mirror: The Uses and Abuses of Self-Love, by Simon Blackburn Subscription

13 March 2014

Shahidha Bari delights in a lucid and graceful philosophical probing of self-consciousness

The Fissured Workplace: Why Work Became So Bad for So Many and What Can Be Done to Improve It, by David Weil Subscription

6 March 2014

Virginia Doellgast finds workers pay dearly when big firms devolve oversight of pay and conditions

Are We All Scientific Experts Now?, by Harry Collins Subscription

27 February 2014

Athene Donald agrees that scientists, although not infallible, do know better about some things

All That Is Solid: The Great Housing Disaster, by Danny Dorling Subscription

20 February 2014

Our use of housing as an asset to be traded is a collective failure that is preserving inequality, finds Tim Hall

I Spend, Therefore I Am: The True Cost of Economics, by Philip Roscoe Subscription

13 February 2014

Michelle Baddeley on an exploration of what makes us tick

Status Update: Celebrity, Publicity, and Branding in the Social Media Age, by Alice E. Marwick Subscription

6 February 2014

Silicon Valley’s stars ceaselessly shape their image to a neoliberal ideal, Finola Kerrigan discovers

Goodbye to All That? The Story of Europe since 1945, by Dan Stone Subscription

30 January 2014

Post-war history from East and West perspectives creates vivid impressions for Roger Morgan

Walter Benjamin: A Critical Life, by Howard Eiland and Michael W. Jennings Subscription

23 January 2014

Beset by turmoil, an inimitable critic wrote as if from the future. Joanna Hodge on a material force

Sonic Wonderland: A Scientific Odyssey of Sound, by Trevor Cox Subscription

16 January 2014

David Toop is charmed by an exploration of the pains and pleasures of the noises around us

Moral Tribes: Emotion, Reason and the Gap Between Us and Them, by Joshua Greene Subscription

9 January 2014

Is utilitarianism the best way to resolve disputes in the global village? Natalie Gold investigates

Pagan Britain, by Ronald Hutton Subscription

2 January 2014

Sarah Semple on the ritual and romance of this island story’s early chapters

Why Can the Dead Do Such Great Things?, by Robert Bartlett Subscription

19 December 2013

A thread of celebrity weaves through a masterful study of cults of Christian icons, Helen Fulton finds

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