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The Invaders: How Humans and Their Dogs Drove Neanderthals to Extinction, by Pat Shipman Subscription

23 April 2015 | By Simon Underdown

A lupine alliance may have helped Homo sapiens to beat the competition, says Simon Underdown

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Rebecca Bowler, Jeremy Holmes, Richard Joyner, Malcolm Kirkup and Peter J. Smith... Subscription

23 April 2015

…on Modernism, Middlebrow and the Literary Canon; Donne: The Reformed Soul; Hitler’s Uranium Club: The Secret Recordings at Farm Hall; The Independent Director: The Non-Executive Director’s Guide to Effective Board Presence; and The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher

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Solving the Strategy Delusion: Mobilizing People and Realizing Distinctive Strategies, by Marc Stigter and Cary Cooper Subscription

By Helga Drummond

Managers remain in thrall to bad ideas about how to run companies, learns Helga Drummond

Dying for Ideas: The Dangerous Lives of the Philosophers, by Costica Bradatan Subscription

By Amy Whitworth

Amy Whitworth on a rich examination of philosophers’ ultimate sacrifice

Fatherhood and the British Working Class, 1865-1914, by Julie-Marie Strange Subscription

By Clare Griffiths

Clare Griffiths on a well-researched book that reappraises the role of fathers in social history

The World Beyond Your Head: How to Flourish in an Age of Distraction, by Matthew Crawford Subscription

By Mary Evans

The idea that there is too much going on in our lives is itself full of complexities, says Mary Evans

Bruno: Conversations with a Brazilian Drug Dealer, by Robert Gay Subscription

By Dick Hobbs

Dick Hobbs on a study of a career criminal that demystifies gangs and a society that has tried to marginalise them

The Rise and Decline of Faculty Governance: Professionalization and the Modern American University, by Larry G. Gerber Subscription

By David Palfreyman

David Palfreyman on the effect that the forces of marketisation have had power dynamics within academia

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Scholars and senior sector figures on two books they plan to devour on holiday: a new must-read and a classic worthy of revisiting

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The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages, by Jessi Streib

A study of American couples who married out of their socio-economic culture intrigues Mary Evans

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