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Vanishing for the Vote: Suffrage, Citizenship and the Battle for the Census, by Jill Liddington Subscription

17 April 2014

New data enrich an account of the activists who refused to be counted in 1911, says June Purvis

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Mike Cole, Liz Gloyn, Gareth A. Jones, Roger Morgan and R. C. Richardson... Subscription

17 April 2014

…on Black British Intellectuals and Education, Anne of Green Gables, Popular Representations of Development, The Hidden Perspective, and Town Planning

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Lifted: A Cultural History of the Elevator, by Andreas Bernhard Subscription

Ulrike Zitzlsperger on how the ‘vertical railway’ has changed our society and our buildings

Reading Celebrity Gossip Magazines, by Andrea M. McDonnell Subscription

Christina Scharff on an exploration of the pleasure, curiosity and guilt that accompany this pastime

Making England Western: Occidentalism, Race and Imperial Culture, by Saree Makdisi Subscription

Claire Chambers on how the national imaginings of the English changed during the Romantic period separating out notions of class and race

The Nine Elements of a Sustainable Campus, by Mitchell Thomashow Subscription

A US approach to environmental integrity offers useful pointers for the UK, says David Maguire

Revolutionary Ideas: An Intellectual History of the French Revolution from The Rights of Man to Robespierre, by Jonathan Israel Subscription

Caroline Warman suggests that a complex period is oversimplified as the result of a forceful agenda

The Starry Sky Within: Astronomy and the Reach of the Mind in Victorian Literature, by Anna Henchman Subscription

Advice from an astronomer would have benefited this exploration of connections between two subjects, says Virginia Trimble

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Reviews you may have missed

A Philosophy of Walking, by Frédéric Gros

Laurence Coupe admires scholarly insights of a kind the REF could never hope to measure

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